About the Swiss Foundry Association (GVS)

The Swiss Foundry Association (SFA) is a syndicate of Swiss foundries. It includes iron, steel, light alloy, non-ferrous heavy metal and die casting foundries but also suppliers, sponsors and individual linked to the Association.Geschäftsstelle:

Giesserei-Verband der Schweiz GVS
Postfach 4063
CH-8024 Zürich

Mail: info@giesserei-verband.ch

Managing Director: Marcel Menet
Assistant: Marlene Wissiak


The Association was formed on 29 June 1994 from a fusion of the two former foundry associations the “Association of Swiss Iron Foundries” and the “Association of Swiss Metal Foundries”. At present there are 54 corporate members, 20 supplier and 6 sponsor members in addition to approximately 30 honorary, free and personal members.

The GVS protects the interests of its members with regard to

  • Economic, sociopolitical, trade-political and operational questions and similar functions which relate to the interests of its members
  • Promotion of technical development in the foundry industry
  • Promotion of vocational and professional development
  • Dealing with topics relating to environmental protection and safety at work
  • Co-operation with authorities and related associations at home and abroad Fostering of personal relationships and promotion of operation amongst members